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Tobacco-Free Living (TFL) is a joint effort across several entities. From The Louisiana Cancer Research Center, to LPHI, and the Louisiana Department of Health, everyone works in tandem towards the same goal—tobacco and vaping cessation. All three programs represented below have their own unique approaches, creative, and marketing.

Gone are the days of gory, in-your-face imagery. It just doesn’t work. Smokers know they need to quit, why do we continue to shame them? Our idea was to approach cessation from a tale of personal stories. Our priority audiences were focused on African Americans, the LGBTQ+ community, and rural Louisiana. We needed to connect with each while underscoring the importance of being tobacco free. 

We found real Lousianians willing to tell their cessation stories. All of them were compelling and each person had multiple reasons for needing to quit. Our job was to take the best of those stories and compile them into statewide, targeted campaigns driving users to digital and traditional conversion tactics, mainly the state’s cessation quit line.

Throughout the year, we target our campaigns digitally with flighting surrounding heavy cessation events like the New Year and World No Tobacco Day. Tactics include OTT, pre-roll, programmatic display, paid social media, and digital out of home. We’re continuously monitoring and reporting on their effectiveness and shifting budget in real-time to over-performing mediums.

Not only does TFL represent the priority audiences referenced above, but another segment through their NextEra program. NextEra is a collective of students, teachers, and parents at select high schools throughout Louisiana that are focused on vaping cessation in teens. Our marketing needed to reach these students without the use of traditional media—so we went right to social. Using TikTok and Snapchat, we created engaging visuals using age related talent. We wanted these to be thumb-stopping ads that felt like real content. We’re able to re-target and continue to message to students as well as teacher and parent specific content throughout the year.

Healthier Air for All is the statewide push for updates on cessation legislation. We want cities and municipalities across Louisiana to put forth smoke free laws to continue to improve the lives of business owners, hospitality workers, musicians, and many more. We were there for Alexandria’s ten year celebration of being smoke free and gathered three key ambassadors to help relay the message. We used the video and targeted digital ads to reach like minded citizens in areas with pending legislation.

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