Delgado Community College

Step Closer to Unstoppable

Delgado Community College is a leader in education to workforce. Located in New Orleans and serving students regionally and globally, we partnered with the college to improve their enrollment numbers and level-up their marketing. Our campaign underscores the importance of education at any level.

Step Closer to Unstoppable is a calling card. Community colleges are not just a stepping stone, but a place to start a new career. We were charged with creating a campaign that uses real students and could tell the story of the multiple paths they can take through college. It’s affordable, flexible, and transferrable. They’re not just a trade school. From working on diesel trucks to entering the healthcare field in under nine weeks, a new, higher-paying career is just steps away.

Workforce Development is an important part of Delgado, offering specific field certifications and training for a multitude of trades. Through grant funding, we created a consistent marketing message and creative campaign that can be used to recruit new students into the program. Using faculty, students, and hiring managers, these stunning visuals showcase the state-of-the-art facilities and recognition Delgado is known for.

Producing high-end creative isn’t where we stopped. Through agile planning and reporting, we optimized every campaign and media placement to reach potential students at their moment of consideration. As we partner with admissions and other schools within the college, our efforts will continue to improve and drive more student conversions every semester.

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