Case Study: Every Drop Makes a Difference

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The Greater New Orleans Foundation is the philanthropic institution dedicated to driving positive impact through philanthropy, leadership, and action in the Greater New Orleans Region. For over 90 years, GNOF has connected donors and fundholders with causes that it is passionate about to affect transformational change.


After a rigorous research and discovery process, a new brand identity and brand messaging were developed anchored by a new website. The campaign boasts video and radio featuring local celebrity Wendell Pierce, collateral such as t-shirts and yard signs, and digital assets implemented across various paid media tactics. 

As a result of the campaign, Spears Group spearheaded partnerships between the client team and community-based organizations like Water Wise Gulf South, executing virtual rain barrel build workshops and facilitated new relationships based on operational efficiencies between local stormwater management nonprofits.

In partnership with GNOF, including the Sewerage & Water Board of New Orleans and the City of New Orleans, we developed and launch Every Drop Makes a Difference. This integrated campaign was to educate locals on inherent flood risks, current stormwater pumping capacities, urban water management, and city-wide green infrastructure efforts. Ultimately, we wanted inspire residents to take action from installing rain barrels, clearing catch basins, and getting flood insurance regardless of zoning.

The website serves as a central location to educate New Orleans residents on the inherent flood risk due to the city’s bowl-like shape as well as impacts of climate change. It incorporates video and animation to communicate drainage, flooding and larger infrastructure challenges. A robust photo library of flood risk management projects completed across the city by various government, non-profit and private groups represents how the city has collectively combated flooding. The site guides the user through the various measures individuals can take on their property to play their role in flood mitigation.

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