Algiers Charter Rolls Through Academic School Year With Renewed Passion and Pride

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Spears Group produced space-themed leadership summit for 500 teachers determined to enhance education.

The Spears Group successfully helped Algiers Charter prepare for the 2017-2018 school year by producing a one-day educational symposium for 500 teachers at the downtown New Orleans Hyatt Regency on July 26, 2017.

Spears created a visually engaging experience with the goal to help the network effectively recruit, develop and empower teachers. After diligent brainstorming and planning, Spears proposed an exciting theme of astronauts, space, stars, and galaxies called "Mission Success: Reaching S.T.A.R. Power." STAR stands for Strategic Teaching with Accountable Results, a motto the school network uses to guide its mission to boost educational excellence.

Teachers became astronauts, and their mission was to launch into space and gather the tools and resources they would need to return to earth and set their students up for a successful school year and bright future.

The teachers arrived at mission control, Hyatt Regency, and were surrounded by imaginatively decorated wall banners, table decorations and centerpieces. They were also given custom astronaut-themed name badges and a collectible event program. Once entering the Celestin ballroom, the lights dimmed, the fog machine took the audience into the clouds and they were launched into space.

Several state leaders, important dignitaries and educators addressed the audience to start the day's events. Attendees watched a video showing an Algiers Charter student dressed up as an astronaut.She playfully reminded teachers about the importance of their mission and how it would affect her and her peers.

After the video ended, the teachers attended several breakout sessions, took a break for lunch and attended an interactive keynote address from the world-renowned visionary speaker, Dr. Derek Greenfield. The full-day of events were filled with a lot of pomp and circumstance, contagious energy and a renewed passion for teaching.

Teachers left the educational symposium with a  fresh focus on their mission of enhancing educational excellence within the Algiers Charter school network.