Creative Director Eli Pritykin Shares Insights About The Creative Process

Spears Group’s most senior team member expresses his knowledge, expertise and personal life experiences.

  • July 7, 2017

Q: How has your role as Creative Director evolved since you started?

A: The company, as well as the creative industry, has most certainly grown leaps and bounds over the years since I started working with Spears Group in 2010. As the company continues to grow, so do my responsibilities. Our clients are larger, our projects are more complex. We learn from everything and then bring our expanding experience with us to the next project. As our team gets bigger, my responsibilities include more strategic planning and leadership.

Q: Which new technologies have most impacted your creative process and why?

A: Recently, I started to do more work with motion graphics. It's a logical next step in bringing visual information to life. People spend 85% more time watching mobile videos in 2017 than they did in 2010. The market for video content is growing really fast. I’ve been lucky to have exciting opportunities to work on a number of fun motion graphic projects for our clients. These videos help translate clients' messages to a wider audience. Motion graphics and video, in general, are a powerful conversion tool since they add an extra emotional layer, and that goes a long way in connecting brands with their audience.

Q: Tell us about some brands you admire. What makes them stand out?

A: I really liked the recent rebrand of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Their process of self-discovery and their ability to communicate it with world is captivating.

Q: What advice do you have for an inspiring young professional entering the creative field?

A: The main ingredient is practice. There is not a shortcut to getting better at what you do besides dedicating hours and hours to actually doing it. I would also recommend taking the time to examine other artists’ work and then trying to recreate their style. This helps gain an appreciation for decisions they made and paths that guided them to the final result.

Q: Tell us something interesting about yourself.

A: My curiosity for graphic arts started at a young age. When I was 10 years old, I programmed a graphic design editor on my family’s first computer. Watching an idea come to life on a computer screen was always exciting to me. I continued to explore graphic design elements throughout college and my first job. I also love photography and enjoy capturing moments of my two little girls at home.